End Of Days: Motus

End Of Days: Motus

Sep 16th 2018


This week, another iconic American brand closed it doors for good.

Motus' closed its doors after learning that their financial backers were unable to continue funding the Birmingham, Alabama company ahead of their 2018 product launch. On Motus Facebook page, founders Lee Conn and Brian Case stated "We were surprised and disappointed, especially because we have been working so hard on preparing an October 2018 product launch into a new and exciting segment as well as new features on the MST series. This is very unfortunate timing and we will work to quickly find a new path forward for Motus Motorcycles and our American V4 powertrain division."

Since the company's closure, no further information has been released.

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As of 09/16/2018, there has been no updates on Motus future.