The universal language of motorcycling

The universal language of motorcycling

Posted by Ironworks Motorcycles on Jun 13th 2018

Motorcycles throughout the world have a different meaning and purpose. For some, motorcycles are a platform to maneuver between lifes obstacles, while to others motorcycles are a form of entertainment. No matter what journey we find ourselves on, the one common tongue we speak are motorcycles.

On a recent adventure to Douglas, a sea side town on the Isle of Man, I approached a gentleman wearing Icon 1000 boots and proceded to make small talk about Icon, motorcycles, and life in general. It just so happened, this fellow was a local to the isle. Through the course of our conversation, I discovered he was having issues with his Honda 50 and needed some advice. Without hesitation, I agreed to take a ride to his house in Peele and try to solve his motorcycle mystery.

Upon arrival to his house, his wife was prepping dinner, beers available, and their kids were excited some Americans were coming over for visit. The hospitality was very welcomed, but as most Manx, this is about the norm. Very warm, welcoming communities dot the Isle of Man - this family was no exception.

After dinner, we got to the business end of our adventure - motorcycles. We discovered a few bits incorrect - mainly timing was set to the timing mark 'T' and not to the 'F' mark. We also discovered the plug was fouling which was offset by incorrect carbruetor settings. After we discovered our issues, I helped assemble some quick and easy diagnostic tools - including a 12v timing light fashioned from a 12v bulb and some left over wire. A few beers, a few tools later, and we sorted the bike out.

While the sun began to set, our host packed us into his Land Rover and we set off to catch the sunset on the most beautiful place - Snaefell mountain. The sun was just beginning to kiss the Irish sea as we began the ascent. By the time we reached the top, Hailwoods Rise, the sun was dipping below the horizon and so our adventure was nearing an end.

This isn't the first or last time motorcycles have brought two strangers together, and the beautiful thing is, it won't be the last either. Motorcycles are a universal language that bring people together. In this case, it brought a stranger from a far away land togethe with a local family, over the love of motorcycles. These relationships are organic and stem from from the heartfelt connection we have with our motorcycle and I'm glad I can share that bond with across this planet.

So the next time you find yourself on a journey, try bringing up small talk with other riders, you'll never know where the road takes you!