What's your dream bike?

What's your dream bike?

Sep 19th 2018

The question I dread the most, just so happens to be the same question that gets asked frequently - what's your ideal dream motorcycle? My initial knee jerk reaction is, oh no here we go again but the truth is, this is a deeply complicated multi-facted question.

My short answer is a 1937 BSA Empire Star. Is it expensive? No. Is it rare? Sort of, more uncommon in the US. Is it fast? Fast is a relative word here - it was fast enough in 1937 but we'll cover that in just a second.

Why is the BSA Empire Star my dream bike? Easy, historically speaking it was the motorcycle that every brand set its goal to beat. In 1937, Wal Handley on a BSA ran the Brooklands proving grounds outside of London. For winning the race with the fastest lap of 107.57 miles per hour (173.12 km/h), Handley and BSA were given the Gold Star badge.

Since achieving such a high standard, BSA was inspired to rename the Empire Star to the Gold Star the following year (1938) and such a star was born. In future years, BSA would rebrand their image to include a logo with the coveted Gold Star.

The BSA Gold Star would go to win many races and many forms of racing around the world (including the Isle of Man TT) and today is still one of the most sought after motorcycles. Without the historical events in 1937 at Brooklands, BSA would of never created the Gold Star and the motorcycle industry would not be as colorful as it is today.

Comment below with your dream bike and why it makes the cut.